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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Beauty basket- Revlon Colorstay 12-Hour Eyeshadow Quad in Blushed Wines

When I bought this e/s I was thinking of  a color that I could wear for everyday and that I have to get neutral tones shadow. I come up with Revlon since its way more cheaper compare to other brands, plus the fact that you get 4 colors in one pan.
lovely colors! I like to use the lightest shade to highlight my brows and lid

what I like:
it has the right amount of shimmer which is great for everyday use 
the colors are versatile 
pigmentation is ok, not too bright nor to sheer for my taste
it stays on for hours without fading unless you have superb oily lids
doesn't crease on my eyelids and doesn't settle on fine lines
sleek packaging

what I don't like:
none so far

for my everyday use, the deepest  shade is the one that I don't use often for daytime, I find the color too dark to be worn when mr. sunny is waving at me.You have to blend it carefully to achieve that certain shade when applied on eyes, and I dunno but I find this shade chalky. I like to use primer first, for added staying power and since the color is little bit sheer,by applying primer the color will pop out. It's promise of 12 hour staying power doesn't live to its promise but I find it ok since di naman yata ako aabot sa ganun kahabang oras.

so how do you find these colors? whats your fave shade during daytime??

and oh by the way I was browsing thru Revlon's website and saw this... I'm so intrigue! I wanna try these babies!!
when will these be available in Revlon Philippines??!!

so how do you find these colors? whats your fave shade during daytime??


Tuesday, January 24, 2012


 clutch from Nine West! it matches my ballet flats from Payless

Saturday, January 21, 2012

captures edited

Randpm photos from December and January

-haircut session with kuya bambam
-off to a kiddie party with my sisters Hannie and Hanna ( they aren't twins :) ) and my little Habibi
-kuya busy with my pink itouch
-from kfc
-south sea pearl from mom

Monday, January 16, 2012

quick post: haul from martha

us at four..

We celebrated new year and our anniversary in Iligan city and Cagayan de oro,  We took advantage of my husbands two weeks break.Stayed at Southwinds Hotel just right in the heart of cdo, this is rare moment for us couple to spend some time with each other. I haven't mentioned this on my blog, but my life is like a NPA- no permanent address, one day you'll find me in Manila and the next day in Iligan city.
Yes I traveled a lot between this two places.. the reason why?? because my parents wants us to stay but due to my husband's work we have stay to stay in Manila, so I made an agreement with my other half that I would travel na lng often so that my parents wouldn't miss my two kids. Nakokonsensya ako when my mom makes drama telling me that always sya nahihighblood pg namimiss nya ang dalawang apo nya! and that our house is so malungot without the two apos..ok enough of the maalaala moments here are the photos that I got during our stay, not too marami though, Honestly speaking I was too tamad to take photos during that time.

Southwinds Hotel 
 our dinner.. we're supposed to eat out but my husband was too tired to drive along the city so we just ordered food from the hotel's resto and agreed to eat out lunch the next day(no photo though)
I actually like the food!! We only ordered 2 variants since we are a bit full eating out while strolling at the mall
 this is complementary breakfast for two, your choice of American breakfast or Filipino.. obviously we ordered the two

Us holding hands!!! love love love..
 our love for each other is the key to our marriage, we will keep what we have promised to each other til eternity.. I love you hon!!
and the kid back there?? ayan nagwawala hehe

Saturday, January 14, 2012

11 on 2011

Nivea whitening lotion- I'm a lotion whore, whether I stay home or go out It's a must for me to apply lotion. I like this one in particular because of its benefits and it's not greasy all..not to mention it does smells good!

Neutrogena sunblock- never got any allergic reactions to this product and you only need a pea size amount to completely cover the whole face... the bottle lasts up to 4 to 5 months,depending on the usage! not bad for splurging 500 plus for a sunblock

Maxipeel facial cleanser- I like to apply this before and after I remove my make up, the cooling sensation refreshes my skin after using sticky or greasy make up remover

Marionnaud angled blush brush- it's fairly a good brush, without burning a hole in your pocket.

Loreal white perfect toner- moisturizing and whitening all in one bottle

Elianto color studio single eyeshadow- i love how vibrant the color green appears on my lids

Maybelline watershine lipstick in c22- I consume 3 tubes within a year.. this has been my
to go lipstick

Elianto frosted liquid eyeliner-read my review here why i like this product

Nichido sharpener- my first pencil sharpener for eyebrow and eyeliner pencils! inexpensive yet convenient to use,believe me there's a huge difference using sharpener for  regular pencil found in bookstores and sharpeners for eye pencils

Nichido eyebrow pencil in brown and Nichido mineral kohl pencil in black onyx- I've been using these pencils for almost two years now.. an inexpensive way to groom my eyes!! rowts!haha

Estee Lauder shimmer powder in Gold pearl- I use this on my lids to brighten up my eyes( take note: i don't wear eyeshadow that much, so basically this is an alternative way to make my eyes appear brighter and my buhay naman aside from black eyeliner), I never used this on my face since I have oily face,the shimmer only triggers my oiliness

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Beauty basket: MAYBELLINE NEW Baby Lips Cellular Repair Balm

As soon as I saw this at watsons I immediately got one for my self, its my little sister who told me to try this.. and guess what?? I super love this balm. this is my second tube already because my Aunt got mine coz only she likes the uber cute packaging.. 

 what I like:
cute packaging
has SPF
goes on clear( im not a fan of tinted balm)
taste and smells good
glides on smoothly
comes in four variants that suits your needs
makes my lips soft and supple

what I don't like:
none so far

on my leepppss!

the verdict: 
i could say that I love this product, it works for me. Ever since I started using this balm, my lips aren't dry anymore,no more chapped lips and well hydrated.  for the price of 79 php?? sulit na sulit! I know that this may not be the best lip balm out there in the market, and haven't try all of it but this thing really works for me!

Go check out Maybelline counters and try them!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

lippies and shoes

oh yes! another lipsticks again, these goodies are from Digital traincase
 This one is my favorite!! gotta love the year-end sale going on at the mall these days. These blue flats and sandals are from  Payless and the peep toe heels from Aerosoles. The blue flats looks dirty, I used it right away after I payed for it! excited much!

thanks to my husband who found this, this has like a built in foam inside... well thats aerosoles! comfy

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

newest lipstick-swatches

I started this year buying lipsticks! did I mention to stop buying make ups and save up?? haha... 
 this two wet n wild lippies are online find from Chedelyn for only less than 300php
i guess i'm obsessing with pink right now
MAC's Lustering
WET NWILD in 511a
WET N WILD in 511b

how do you find the colors?
I love all except for the WNW 511b, it's too sheer and  doesn't cover my natural dark lips. The angel rose here looks sheer also but upon taking these photos this is done with two swipes i think, you need to apply this several times to achieve its certain color

Saturday, January 7, 2012

tuna in basil and EVOO

Impromptu recipe for breakfast.. a plain tuna gets boring sometimes so I added basil and saute it with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.. the tuna I used was canned and doesn't have any oil at all, that's
why I wasn't guilty enough to saute it with lots of oil.The subtle peppery flavour of basil  evolves
 into a slightly sweet flavour and also has a delicate menthol aroma as well that adds flavor and 

kick to an old boring plain tuna. This is best eaten with toasted wheat bread and topped with 

melted cheese and voila!! busog!! 


 tuna in can

basil leaves


minced garlic 

red bell pepper

Extra virgin olive oil

in a hot wok add EVVO garlic,tomatoes, red bell pepper,and basil.. saute then add tuna until the

 juice of the tuna 

evaporates and add salt and pepper according to your taste.. serve and enjoy!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012