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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Hello 2015

Wow! It's 2015already and  here I am writing my very first post for this year. Yes I know I haven't been very active, nor find time to check my blog. I guess I was too preoccupied with a lot of things happening around. First of all I was busy this previous year with my cooking/baking lesson that I attended here and in Cagayan de oro city. I already moved back in here in iligan city and hopefully we'll settle here for good ( ok teary eyed here! i'm  gonna miss you manila). See to tell you honestly I shoud've made this into food blog rather than makeup, just because I know food is what i really love. I just launched my online shop for cakes on instagram last year and so far Alhamdullillah it's doing well, I get orders almost
Everyday or at least 3 to 4 times a week. I am also regular supplier for a milkltea shop here in Iligan city. I'm planning to open up my tiny shop soon and I really do hope I can accomplish it this year. For now let me  share to you some of my creations and if you happen to have instagram please do follow. Thankyou!! 
Triple chocolate, vanilla cake w/ buttercream frosting,red velvet cupcakes fudge brownies( best seller since day 1) and chocolate revel bars
Carrot cake with creamcheese frosting, yema cake, chocolate moist, and chocolate revel bars
Cupcakes galore 
 The birthday cake I made for eldest son

My take on custaroons ,fudge brownies and chocolate chip cookies.. My ever first bazaar
Made this last November for my little minion! 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

collective haul

So I haeven't posted any haul for a couple a months now, i guess watching too many haul videos on youtube is what triggers me to post one. Anyway here's some of the things that i acquired last july and this Augost

I got these VIctoria's secret at the airport again, regular price is at 700php but it was on sale for 600 so my husband insisted on getting 3.. not bad for saving 300 less ey! 
I got pure seduction,mango temptation and  sensual blush.

Revlon colorstay  pressed powder in light medium

 REvlon kissable balm stain in  smitten and lovesick from bonmarchpage

Random finds from online shop and hijabs from different malls in Manila,Iligan and cdo.

Friday, August 2, 2013

june/july favorites

Ramadhan khareem to all my brothers and sisters in Islam.. yes i know Eid is almost about to end and here I am sharing again to you my monthly favorites. This last two months was really tough for us, my mom in law died due to cancer, that's the reason I've mia for two months, i barely make time to open my instagram or read blogs. I know it's really hard for us to accept this circumstances in our family but this is ALLAH's (swt) plan.. everything happens for a reason. Still alhamdullilah for everything!  anyway I don't want to talk much here,ummm I'm just not comfortable enough sharing my personal problems here( please don't get me wrong :) ) I'm teary eyed now :(

These are the products that I'm currently obssesed with. I make use with the brush holder that comes with the REal techniques core collection since im travelling a lot lately, i just dumped in all the brushes that i often used and im good to go. 

MAc studio fix spray, i got this product on a whim. I know I can get other products with its price But I initially settled to get this one. I used this before applying makeup when my skin feels really dry and tight and use this as setting spray too.. and oh I use this too when i fell that my powder foundation feels really cakey, i just spray this on my face.

Maybelline Rocket mascara in very black, after seeing various youtubers raved on this gahhh I have to get one too and I must say I LOVE this mascara... when it says volume they mean it! another great product from maybelline.
Maybelline magnum mascara, I like to apply this on my lower lashes because I don't use my rocket on lower lashes just because I have oily lids it tends to smudged. Okey it's really obvious My top pick for brand mascara is Maybelline!!
Real tecniques brushes (buffing and detailed brush)-these two are my most used in the core collection.  I super duper love these brushes, I use the buffing brush for liquid foundation and blends in really nicely on the skin and streak free too, the hair is really soft and not scratchy at all!! amaze-balls!!!! I use the detailer brush to conceal any dark/pimple marks on my face and I like the size and works perfectly on me.

Maybelline gel liner 36 hour, this is the newer reformulated version which was recently launch. I only have good words to say about this product and this one deserves to be reviewed on my  blog. If you're looking for a gel liner that wont smudge,smear,will last whole day and not pricey you definetly need to try this. 

and last but not the least is a non makeup related, I'm loving this florence flats from  tonic bags and shoes