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Sunday, April 29, 2012

beauty basket- Sleek pout paint in Mauve Over

Pout paint is the new ultimate lip pigment that provides a blast of colour in one purse sized tube! The intensely saturated formula provides outstanding colour pay-off in just one tiny speck, and dries to a long lasting satiny finish. With a wide variety of Pout Paints to choose from you can mix up your very own unique shade using a combination of colours, or simply go for one stand out striking pop of colour.
To create your own personal shade, experiment by adding a touch of Peek-a-bloo, a unique blue tone to add depth and warmth to any lip colour. Or mix in a hint of Cloud 9, a pure white to lighten the load. Create the lip shade you’ve always wanted with Pout Paints!

Ok! my insights.. at first I thought the other colors look funny, i mean when i saw the shade cloud 9 and peek a bloo I was like ??????? huh!! what pops into my mind was " meron kaya gagamit ng kulay na to??". 
so when I finally read the descriptions and reviews and all that jazz, my hands were itching to get one( oh btw if you are familiar with OCC LIP TAR   they are similar with this)
,so while watching say's you tube  she has the color pinkini and that's where I learned her the online shop who's been selling sleek cosmetics /MakeupHub.NatureleCollezione. looking through all the colors, it somehow reminds me of acrylic paints.

 in shade MAUVE OVER
- I basically got this color because I planned to get only one color, for the sake of trying it. Since the color is soooo pigmented itself and can be used over other lipstick to create another shades.  If you're fond of mixing lipstick shade to create dupe then this one is for you.

Squeeze tube type

oopppsss!! thus is too much.. napasobra ata to!


swatch on my lips

see I wasn't able to used it all..

what I like:
it's amazingly pigmented

no weird scent or taste

 If you want to intensify the color then you can wear this alone but be sure to moisturize lips prior to applying this,but if you want your lipstick to a be little light then use it with other shade like the cloud 9 because white lightens it, but since I don't have cloud 9 nude color lipstick would be the best option for this.

Staying power is GOOD( I had this in the morning and needed to apply only during lunch after my meal)

A little goes a long way- you might want to use lip brush when applying this but in my case I prefer to use my finger, since using lip brush might be a little tricky.

It's a satin finish which is a plus for me ( I'm a huge fan of satin lippies)

what I don't like
Sleek make up is available only in Online shop

I think I have to rate this 4 out of 5
1 might purchase another color perhaps the Pinkini would be awesome to have one too.

So what are your thoughts on this UK brand lipstick??

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

beauty basket- Christian Dior Addict lipstick in 681 Icone

On today's beauty basket is Christian Dior addict lipstick in ICONE, I got this for 1k plus at Duty free, much cheaper compare to the mall. 



Vibrant color, spectacular shine

Lipstick, the ultimate fashion accessory.

The new Dior Addict Lipstick is a declaration of love between beauty and style, between colour and couture, between Dior and its addicts.44 shades for a catwalk effect. Easy to wear yet impulsive, the essential Rouge Addict shades play on the excitement and fashion desires of the moment.
Lipstick, the ultimate fashion accessory.

The new Dior Addict Lipstick is a declaration of love between beauty and style, between colour and couture, between Dior and its addicts.

44 shades for a catwalk effect. Easy to wear yet impulsive, the essential Rouge Addict shades play on the excitement and fashion desires of the moment.

This completely new, high-shine sensorial formula is totally addictive.
With 25% less wax than a classic lipstick, it contains instead an extraordinary reflecting gel. The result is modern transparency, intense plumping hydration and a magnifying glass effect to intensify shine, plump the lips and above all, enhance colour.

This completely new, high-shine sensorial formula is totally addictive.

 The packing is TDF!! so elegant and glamorous! I think this would look even more lovely placed in a channel bag and over cocktails... hmmm! sosyalan!!


The color is sheer pink with a slight hint of shimmer or sparkles.. whatever you call it
The consistency is buttery soft, glides on smoothly on the lips.
You may not want to apply gloss on top of it, since the lipstick itself is moisturizing enough on the lips, and gives off plumping effect.
This doesn't have any odd taste or smell which is good, I mean I won't pay a lot on a lipstick that has gross taste/ smell.
pigmentation is good 
feels really light on the lips,almost you'll feel like you're not wearing any lipstick at all(it has 25% less wax)
it's not sticky or wet
barely fades, but I don't mind re applying it again over and over since the packaging is so prruuuttyy( madali nga lang maubos and mahallll pa :( 

On my lips with two swipes, it's sheer noh??!! btw If you find the color too pale for you, you may try mixing this  with other lipstick of your choice,which I do if I get bored with the color.

I tried goggling  this and read some reviews that this is comparative to the Revlon lip butter, well I cannot tell you exactly if they are similar coz I don't own any lip butter yet.

watch out for it.. till then!! ciao!!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Weekly photo updates from my phone

Haul and ...

Yey! My first attempt to blog using my phone,and I just downloaded the blogger application...first time mo te??? Oo first time!!!haha

Now here's some of my latest purchase that I got this month, first my hubby got me iphone 4 Yey!!!finally! Thanks to you loves, Ngek I'm blogging but I don't have picture with
it.Nwe here's some of the things that I got recently

Thursday, April 19, 2012

beauty basket- 4u2 gemtone in Amber

hello lovelies!! another beauty basket post,this has been lying around my drafts for like months already and now I'm finally posting it. This quad has been with me for like almost a year na haha.. super tagal na.
Just wanna share my thoughts on this quad eye shadow

I bought this at watsons for almost 500php, cannot remember exactly the price. What caught my attention to get this quad is the wide range of colors displayed on the shelve. I browse through their website and found out that they have 15 palette(now that's a lot colors to choose from).
 I know you've been seeing a lot of neutral e/s on my post, it's because basically for my everyday wear I prefer to apply  neutral colors on my lids, it's more wearable and not too fancy 

the shadows are well pigmented and vibrant, and glides on smoothly on the lids. The packaging doesn't look cheap at all too

how do you find the colors??

ahh no manufacturing and expiry date??!!!!

swatches on me..

 Overall I think this is a good palette but I wouldn't repurchase again, just because I was eyeing for other brands and this was like way too far from what I want to put in my traincase.

that's it for now! till next post

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

an affair

 my mom in law and hubby's cousins..
 the guests..
 oh yeah!! us two.. I styled him that night..because we were late he wasn't able to trim his hair.. para neat tingnan
 ohhh my shoe!!

One of the weddings that I attended during my MIA days, I don't have any pictures of the  other event though. This was in Xavier in CDO, the groom was my husband's first cousin,my husband has to fly from Manila to cdo ust to attend this event.. nwe I'm lovin this kaftan that I got from my Aunt during her recent trip to Indonesia..

blah blah!! that's it for now... more posts comin!!

hello again

Assalamu alaikum!1 I'm so back from being MIA couple of weeks ago, my internet connection was down *again* and my baby got sick and was hospitalized, Though sometimes I do get to read blogs but never had the chance to blog since I was so lazy to make one, nwe I'd like to start off my blog with summer related since well.. yeah its summer!!

photos taken by my sister