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Thursday, April 19, 2012

beauty basket- 4u2 gemtone in Amber

hello lovelies!! another beauty basket post,this has been lying around my drafts for like months already and now I'm finally posting it. This quad has been with me for like almost a year na haha.. super tagal na.
Just wanna share my thoughts on this quad eye shadow

I bought this at watsons for almost 500php, cannot remember exactly the price. What caught my attention to get this quad is the wide range of colors displayed on the shelve. I browse through their website and found out that they have 15 palette(now that's a lot colors to choose from).
 I know you've been seeing a lot of neutral e/s on my post, it's because basically for my everyday wear I prefer to apply  neutral colors on my lids, it's more wearable and not too fancy 

the shadows are well pigmented and vibrant, and glides on smoothly on the lids. The packaging doesn't look cheap at all too

how do you find the colors??

ahh no manufacturing and expiry date??!!!!

swatches on me..

 Overall I think this is a good palette but I wouldn't repurchase again, just because I was eyeing for other brands and this was like way too far from what I want to put in my traincase.

that's it for now! till next post

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