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Saturday, July 31, 2010

oh my! it breaks my heart to see my favorite lipstick by estee Lauder siganture line melts, naputol na nga nalusaw pa tsk tsk..
I think i've been using this three to 4 months already and even if keep on buying other  lipsticks I still love this.
This one is limited edition, shade is radiant wine or chelsea  rose I think, the label underneath has faded


like the color??

sweet dreams are made of...

lately i've been craving for some sweets, blame it to the hormones baby..
here are some pictures of the *diet killer,with so much high calories i can't refuse*

my second top favorite brownies in the world so far, aside from KFC's b.
they're not too sweet
why not???
i forgot the name,lol.. but this is really good and refreshing too, not to mention healthy.
It's basically consists of fruits and the shaved ice is mixed with avocado and milk, just the right sweetness.
and my baby is enjoying it too.. mwahhh
oohhh heaven, i'm a BIG fan of krispy kreme  and ANY variants of love love!! obviously i ordered blueberry cheesecake and my walang sawang LOTTA latte!!
 i like how the staff pronounced the word lotta latte, with a slang!

I ordered one for my baby too..hubby was suffering from bad sore throat so pass muna sya..

Friday, July 30, 2010

thrifted apart

white top from thrift shop
vest from thrift shop
bag by mikaela
blacks leggings from 168
wedge[not shown o pic] by stario shoes
vintage necklace from my shop [itsy bitssy shop]

Thursday, July 29, 2010

bumblebee outfit from dear mamita

mom bought these outfits for her two apos, bambam my baby and shady
i just love looking at this two love love!

quick post..

we went to greenhills mall and found this nice bangle in one of the stalls, it's a replica though but i still like it, i got this for less than php1000
my mom and sister likes it too.. here's a pic of what i bought na pekeng hermes haha..


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that was so long..

Finally after a week long.. my Internet connection is back!! i miss reading blogs! 
          don't mind the picture, i just LOVE it..cutey!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

forever 21

 I drop by at the forever 21 a week ago, and decided to bought this elegant bangle for my mom..since she loves jewelry so much I think she would love to wear these..eventhough its NOT pure gold
This bangle would be perfect to wear during muslim weddings,since mostly maranaos are really fond of wearing extravagant jewelries..
if only I could buy all those blings haha....need to save up!! ;0

haul of the week

evening ladies!! I want to show you some stuffs I bought from SM cubao
  • nivea smooth body oil
  • a bonne milk spa
  • i white facial wash
 since the first day I've tried ELF products,I'm hooked to newest love are the eyelash curler and candy shop lip gloss
oh by the way I've been using the curler for three days now,so far i was kinda discouraged coz the pad falls off easily, kaya bumalik ako sa etude house eyelash curler!! bohoo..

Ive read good reviews about it so I'm now giving it a try
ever bilena matte lipstick in off beat pink,this is my second lippie from ever bilena

till next time beauties...sukran!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

what's inside my make up bag

huh?? sobrang dami naman nyan??! yah yah i! i dunno but sometimes i like bringing things which i don't use that much often..i juz bring everything coz i always end up applying make up sa car..