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Saturday, July 31, 2010

sweet dreams are made of...

lately i've been craving for some sweets, blame it to the hormones baby..
here are some pictures of the *diet killer,with so much high calories i can't refuse*

my second top favorite brownies in the world so far, aside from KFC's b.
they're not too sweet
why not???
i forgot the name,lol.. but this is really good and refreshing too, not to mention healthy.
It's basically consists of fruits and the shaved ice is mixed with avocado and milk, just the right sweetness.
and my baby is enjoying it too.. mwahhh
oohhh heaven, i'm a BIG fan of krispy kreme  and ANY variants of love love!! obviously i ordered blueberry cheesecake and my walang sawang LOTTA latte!!
 i like how the staff pronounced the word lotta latte, with a slang!

I ordered one for my baby too..hubby was suffering from bad sore throat so pass muna sya..

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