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Thursday, March 17, 2011

some stuffs

hi ladies! these are some stuffs that I got this month
Victoria's secret colognes
and what else make stuffs as always.. oh by the way I swear I won't be buying any make again this month,
 I think i'm spending way too much molah on them and some of them were unused.. when I was browsing my closet there are some stuffs that I need  since my tummy is getting bigger na and I gave all my maternity clothes 2 years ago!  darn!! "make up tukso layuan mo ako"

P.S no make up shopping this month PLEASE!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

february favorites

NYX round lipstick in FIG- I've been wanting to buy this color from NRL. When an online seller friend told me she has nyx lippies, with no second thoughts I got my hands on them. I don't need to apply lipbalm since the product itself moisturizes my lips, but I have to re-apply after 2 hours since this isn't long lasting.

NICHIDO eyebrow pencil in brown- aside from the fact that this product is cheap, it works on me. This isn't too creamy unlike other local brand I have tried

KAJAL (kohl) eyeliner - I got this from my aunt whose from Saudie Arabia, i'm obsessed with using eyeliner that will darken up my eyes and up til now i'm in constant search for that perfect black eyeliner.

WET AND WILD CREME LINER in black- one thing I like about this product is that I can use this on my waterline without rubbing off and it stayed on the whole day,smudge proof and  dries quickly

Friday, March 4, 2011

on my 4th month and counting..

shayla ( from KSA)/ knitted cardigan (borrowed from sister)/ top (random)/ jeans (for me)/bag (lacoste)/ flats (adiddas)/ random accessories