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Thursday, September 30, 2010

I have a date today..

YES I'm on a DATE with my baby's pedia. Today was unexpected day to visit the doctor because my baby has sore eyes.. I felt really bad seeing my son in pain, I didn't think twice we went to ms. pedia for consultation.

my baby before going to the doctor,he insisted on wearing old sunglasses lying around my closet.I guess he was too shy to show his RED eyes hehe..with poulty lips!

top, gifted from Aunt
shawl from K.S.A
skinny jeans, SM Dept. store
Liz Claiborne bag
Ipanema flipflops
Tomato sunglasses

BARESTUDY'S giveaway:Coach poppy charm

As promised, here is my first giveaway to celebrate my blog hitting 100 followers which I never thought would ever happen. thank you very much everyone and would like to say hello to new ones. Saw this coach poppy charm when I was at the mall last Saturday looking for a perfect giveaway. I hope you guys will like it as much as I do.

On a side note, I actually did a little "research" on how to host your blog giveaway. I thought it was funny.. I'm such a noobcake :P And pardon my half unpainted thumb nail,. I got lazy to repaint them. ha ha!

So rules:

1. Of course, you must be a follower of my blog via google friend connect
-make sure you're not on private when you click on the follow button

2. leave a comment with your name and email address

For additional entries (Optional):

-- post this giveaway on your blog
make sure to include the link on your comment so i can trace it back

-- tweet about this post and giveaway
don't forget to put @flanelleyy so i can track it

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

shoe it

I bought this shoes last June 2010 when I was here in our place.I only used this twice during a party. This is a thrifted shoes by the way, for only 400 but I got this half the price(how good is that?!).Honestly I won't bother to buy this in php400, it's too pricey for me.
It was my cousin Hanna who first saw this fab shoes,but sad to say it was too big for her,she was only size 7, and I was 8! LUCKY me.. yey!!
Believe me this shoes is soooo comfy to wear,and the leather is authentic. I'm planning to bring these with me in Manila.
ok ok!! I'm limiting myself  to bring 1 luggage ONLY..I always end up paying EXCESS baggage..

Sunday, September 26, 2010

haul:small things comes in a plastic bag :)

Bought this lipstick from my sister's friend whose from U.S. Reading from the label underneath says that "not for individual sale"  so yes this was originally from a set,bought this for php650.Not bad for a  good lipstick, since I don't want to buy the whole thing.

Pashmina from K.S.A
Can't wait to go back in Manila,I've got a package  waiting for me to open, a hijab send by my cousin whose from K.S.A:)

got to have another mac..thanks to a dear friend who brought this all the  way from big metro

after I finish this I'll try the fanny Serrano line,which I have read that this is a good alternative for Mac studio fix.
1 week more to go before I head back to Manila..I miss my honey :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

beauty basket:L'Oreal Total Repair 5 Ceramide Cement

Finally I get to try this new product from L'Oreal. Since I saw Anne Curtis commercial I was intrigued.
I'm on my 4th day trial of this shampoo and conditioner,Lets see if it will work for my hair.

pretty Anne..

beauty basket: 4u2 moisturizing lipstick in savvy



w/out flash

on my lips

I got this lipstick from my sister last week and I'm in love with the color, SAVVY! It glides smoothly on lips and of course the moisturizing power is a plus  for me.I don't have to use balm or gloss, 2 to 3 swipe on lips =gorgeous pucker!
packaging is ok..not bad in white, can be bought in watsons, SM mall and Robinsons mall
price? php 2oo plus
will I purchase? since I didn't bought this(i stole it from my sister) YES but I'll try another shade..

Friday, September 24, 2010

dreaming of you shabby

I would love to have this on my room

photos from shabbychic

ahh! I wanna have baby girl! mashaallah!

opss sorry I forgot the this from Google images :)

there's a lot of things I want to show but I'm SLEEPY....

and now it's time to show mine..
I got this 4 poster bed from my mom,it comes with a dresser and two huge cabinet( which doesn't fit my room anyway).I have this with me since I got married 2 years ago,coz mom knew that I like her bed and so she gave it to me! :). the original concept of the design was made by mom ( I think)

I only have two kinds of curtains, yes! it sure sounds boring.I'm thinking of renovating it someday and I finally decided that my theme would be SHABBY CHIC! yes I'm a huge fan of RACHEL ASHWELL
bed sheet from tutuban..made by everdearesr mananahi!

This photo was taken when I gave birth to my baby boy, cant find other pictures using these curtains

That's it for now! my back is aching! 
OFF TO zzzzzzzzz mode:)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

i'M feeling blue today..

top from Indonesia ( my aunt sells clothes* Muslim clothes that is* travels a lot from CHINA and Indonesia)
Giordano men's belt from my hubby :)
FOR ME  jeans
AEROSOLES wedge( got this on sale in Rustans cubao)
UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON bag (sale again from DUTY FREE Phils.)
It's not too obvious that I don't like the word SALE! teheee:)

SALE is the music to my EYES! :)

So I went out today to buy grocery stuffs for my baby, had lunch with my college friend ( we haven't seen each other for 3 years!)
I won't do much of the  talking since I just came home and geezzz twas really HOT outside. As you can see I didn't put pins on my hijab, cool air come to mama(huh! there is?!)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Flat my way

Thanks to my tita who send this flats from Davao..I  believe I have seen this in 168. I haven't worn this yet, but when I tried it on its pretty comfy. 

Monday, September 20, 2010

yellow and maxi..

I'm inspired to wear maxi today! it feels comfy since the weather here in Philippines is damn hot,
I'm loving these maxis' from

today's outfit
 Get Laud maxi dress, hijab gifted from Malaysia, XOXO bag, ELLE watch, accessories 168 and ring from mom, thrifted peep toe flats

Sunday, September 19, 2010

it's all in a three

went out yesterday with my 2 younger sisters,wearing our oxfords shoes

Hanna and hanee in ICHIGO and me in PILL

Friday, September 17, 2010

hanna uwi ka na!

I miss HANNA, she's in Cebu right with her family.
I miss our never ending gossips (hehe)

This photo was taken 3 months ago..

late post (Eid Mubarak!)

It's better to be late than never..
I misplaced my memory card and found it yesterday! Alhamdullilah.. here's some few photos during the EID

sister and cousins..
oh! my cute little niece JANDY..she looks like chinese!

with mamita

my sister Hanna  and baby goofin' around after the prayer

Al-Fahad + Amera Hassana
Mohammad Al-Rashid
(I miss Hubby , he's not with us today in this very special occasion)

soon to be HAFIZ!?? :)