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Sunday, September 26, 2010

haul:small things comes in a plastic bag :)

Bought this lipstick from my sister's friend whose from U.S. Reading from the label underneath says that "not for individual sale"  so yes this was originally from a set,bought this for php650.Not bad for a  good lipstick, since I don't want to buy the whole thing.

Pashmina from K.S.A
Can't wait to go back in Manila,I've got a package  waiting for me to open, a hijab send by my cousin whose from K.S.A:)

got to have another mac..thanks to a dear friend who brought this all the  way from big metro

after I finish this I'll try the fanny Serrano line,which I have read that this is a good alternative for Mac studio fix.
1 week more to go before I head back to Manila..I miss my honey :)


  1. yes i´ve heard good things about the fanny serrano line. definitely trying it once i get my ass in pinas. ;)

    great lipstick shade sweetie!

    xoxo Mode Junkie

  2. i should head to the department store and buy eyeshadow from fanny serrano...thanks for mentioning this!

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  3. mode junkie,gizelle: thanks girls!! I can't wait na rin to buy FS products!! kahit di pa to ubos I'll buy hands are itching to buy one.:) hehe

  4. wow, mac cosmetics are priced almost the same here in canada.. but it's just a bit cheaper here. :) come visit me and hope you follow my blog too. i used to live in the phil pero we moved years ago. hehe. it's nice to see some filipino bloggers. take care!

    join my coach poppy charm giveaway!

  5. janelle: I joined your giveaway.. hope you follow back too.. already a follower,i like your blog by d way! :)