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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

shoe it

I bought this shoes last June 2010 when I was here in our place.I only used this twice during a party. This is a thrifted shoes by the way, for only 400 but I got this half the price(how good is that?!).Honestly I won't bother to buy this in php400, it's too pricey for me.
It was my cousin Hanna who first saw this fab shoes,but sad to say it was too big for her,she was only size 7, and I was 8! LUCKY me.. yey!!
Believe me this shoes is soooo comfy to wear,and the leather is authentic. I'm planning to bring these with me in Manila.
ok ok!! I'm limiting myself  to bring 1 luggage ONLY..I always end up paying EXCESS baggage..


  1. That's a very cute shoes!!!
    Thanks for stoppin' by my Blog.

  2. welcome dear.. :)
    I hope you follow me too.. :)