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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

mis favoritos del momento

Victoria's Secret WISH- I love the scent which isn't too strong;great for everyday spray. As you can see it's almost empty.Been using it for months now.

Fashion 21 liquid eyeliner-doesn't smudge easily.Easily removed by water and it's very cheap too.
MaybellineVolum' Express Hypercurl mascara-this is the only mascara I've been using ever since I started using mascara. I've tried all the mascaras from maybelline except for the volume express magnum.So far this one has been my favorite,after I finish this I'm going to try magnum 
Nichido Khol eyeliner-the only cheapest kohl eyeliner I have tried on and I'm so inlove with this baby :)
Maybelline diamond glow eyeshadow in copper brown- I wear this almost everyday,since I like the no make up look.
Fanny Serrano eyelash curler-it curls even the shortest lashes 

ELF lip gloss-the only thing I wear whenever I don't feel like wearing makeup at all
Estee Lauder pure  color gloss( I think)-sorry guys I cannot name exactly its description coz I have this for like almost a year  now and the details underneath has faded(same with my other  E.L lipsticks)it sucks how I easily forgot  names :(.Anyway I like wearing this during nights with only dark eyeliner on. I believe they discontinue this product. What I like bout E.L lipsticks is the smell,I find it sweet just like candy
Ellana minerals lipgloss in vamp-I like the minty feel when applied on the lips
Avon mineral lipstick in pink quartz- I like to wear this together with the Ever Bilena matte lipstick in SKIN which serves as my lip concealer
Ever Bilena matte lipstick in mauvey

Swatches (left to right) 
Estee Lauder, Ever Bilena matte lipstick in Mauvey, Ever Bilena matte lipstick in SKIN, Avon mineral lipstick in pink quartz, ELF lipgloss in cherry bomb, and Ellana lipgloss in vamp

Sunglasses from TOMATO

I like the tiny flower detail :)
swatches on lips:
THE Naked Lip and the gigantic bump! lol
I choose to show pictures in a teeny weeny size..

Ellana lipgloss in vamp

Ever Bilena matte lipstick in SKIN

Ever Bilena matte lipstick in Mauvey

Avon mineral lipstick in pink quartz

Estee Lauder
switch of the elf lip gloss is to be followed, I can't find em in my bag!