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Saturday, June 8, 2013

What I'm loving this month (may)

Summer has officially bid goodbye
And I'm actually loving it.. I'm not a total fan of summer, just because the weather here in the Philippines is tropical and it almost feels like its always summer all year round. I don't get to enjoy that much going out on the sun because my skin easily gets really dark which I prefer my skin to be a little fair, and plus I dont know how to swim so yah I don't enjoy the beach. The only thing I enjoy during a beach trip is the food! (c'mon who doesn't love food ok?!)

Ok now here's my monthly favorites, this month will be extra special because I included some fashion favorites which I think I would be including starting today.

*cheap (fake lashes) I've been playing a lot lately with falsies and these cheapo falsies are awesome, I suggest that if you're a beginner one go for something that won't broke your wallet. I also wear this on special occasion like wedding or parties!

*benefit boing concealer this is the only concealer that I've hit pan,I like to use the medium shade on my pimple marks and so far it's long lasting, I've been thinking about to get the full size one but my friend ayen suggested I should get the shiseido and to be honest I'm now contemplating wether to buy the full size,nonetheless this is my favorite so far( aside from the Mac)

*Mac cream color base LUNA- I use this as a base to my neutral eyeshadow, and works perfectly, little goes a long way. This can be used as highlighter too but I won't use this on my face, as you all know oily face is my bestfriend

*Moroccan Argan oil hair masque - I bleach and dyed my hair last February, and I tell you it's the worst thing ever that I've done to my hair... I'm actually murdering my hair for no reason at all! Bleaching hair can make your hair dry I mean reallllyyyyy dry!! Thanks to this, I'm slowly getting my hair to it's normal can get this at watsons for less than 200 pesos I think

*Camay shower gel in Creme Vanilla- i prefer body wash over soap and this one smells absolutely good

*Celeteque Advanced Anti-aging oil- this is a makeup remover but I stopped using this on my whole because I had really bad breakouts last month and I was too afraid to use any oil on my face, instead I just use this to remove my eyemakeup and works good. Doesn't sting nor irritate my eyes too.

Avon Advance techniques frizz control- in not realty high maintenance when it comes to my hair, a shampoo and conditioner will do but since I bleached my hair, I want to Put an extra little effort to restore its original condition since it gone really dry

*Celine inspired bag from MAGS- a local boutique I like since highschool, they are not expensive and they are updated on trends every season. When I first saw this bag I was really hooked, reminds me of CELINE phyton bag which I can't afford for now. The bag is roomy enough to put all my things including my babies' abubots!

*Victoria's secret in love spell- I got this on my unexpected visit to VS store at the NAIA airport and decided to check the items, I didn't planned buying on anything but when my eyes saw this , I said to myself "oh! this was my favorite during highschool" I have to get one.

*Flats from PRIMADONNA- I like the studded details, been using this since summer

And last but not the my watch from Fossil- its a men's watch perfect for my liking,I've been wanting to buy the Michael kors one but my supplier doesn't have any stocks so I just settled for this. I love the white and red stones that adorns the watch itself. So stylish and chic and of course it's a gold one

Sothat's it for my monthly favorites! Hope You like it.. Share some your favorites and would love to read them too!! Ciao bellas!!!