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Friday, September 24, 2010

dreaming of you shabby

I would love to have this on my room

photos from shabbychic

ahh! I wanna have baby girl! mashaallah!

opss sorry I forgot the this from Google images :)

there's a lot of things I want to show but I'm SLEEPY....

and now it's time to show mine..
I got this 4 poster bed from my mom,it comes with a dresser and two huge cabinet( which doesn't fit my room anyway).I have this with me since I got married 2 years ago,coz mom knew that I like her bed and so she gave it to me! :). the original concept of the design was made by mom ( I think)

I only have two kinds of curtains, yes! it sure sounds boring.I'm thinking of renovating it someday and I finally decided that my theme would be SHABBY CHIC! yes I'm a huge fan of RACHEL ASHWELL
bed sheet from tutuban..made by everdearesr mananahi!

This photo was taken when I gave birth to my baby boy, cant find other pictures using these curtains

That's it for now! my back is aching! 
OFF TO zzzzzzzzz mode:)

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