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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

look what I got..

hello ladies! here's some few items which I got from our family friend who's based in the U.S. It is where we usually buy stuffs that are nearly expensive here in the Philippines,like branded watch scents,make-ups, clothes and etc. I didn't expected she would visit us here in our home and bring stuffs to sell.Some items were sold so she only had few items left :(. I really have no plan  buying anything this week because I'm saving money,since end of Ramadan is approaching and I have to give Zaakat to some of my relatives who is in need. Anyway I still bought stuffs..ok lang yun kasi utang naman,payable for 1 month wohoo!! :)

VS lotion
neutrogena sunblock- from mercury drugstore (all-time favorite)
It comes with a cute pink pouch :)

SEXY LITTLE THINGS- don't you just love it??

Victoria's secret silkening body splash in honeysuckle

                                       Honey Facial Cleanser & Make-Up Remover - got this from a local dealer

Estee Lauder Tender blush in pink kiss rasberry

and oh my little brother just got home from Cebu and he bought this pasalubong for me..sweet!
I'll be using this when going to the beach..locally handcrafted bag

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