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Friday, October 1, 2010

Dear poprock your's truly Zoey

I went out today with my mom,2 sisters and my baby, had snacks in poprock but motherly dear doesn't like what she ordered ( she keeps on changing her order coz the food on th menu is always not available) arghhh!!

We ordered PIADINA with sidings,fresh lumpia( gawddddd what happened to this resto) and
spirali salad

blueberry cheesecake and choco custard cake

And then off to ZOEY
ahhh.. much better :)
the food here are yummy and affordable too.
I like the ambiance, and this place is WiFi ready! wasn't able to take a lot of pictures coz I was too busy with my baby (he was running all over the place)
newest additional to their regular menu

Since we are almost full, we order desserts


heavennnnn... I'm soo lovin this dessert..
guilty pleasure for me!

SEAFOOD PASTA for mommy dear..

The hungry kittens!! :)

ops!! what I'm wearing
yellow cardigan,borrowed from sister
black dress,maldita
jeans, for me
Liz Claiborne bag


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