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Saturday, June 4, 2011

current favorite lippy

I've been using these two non stop since the day I got these babies, first I got the pink nouveau and then craving next( which I haven't post yet together with Estee Lauder powder and zara bag (on sale) yeyeyeyey!

as shown on the picture I use craving more than pink nouveau, since craving is more wearable for everyday use and suits my skin tone. Pink nouveau is  bright pink barbie-ish color, what I like about this product is its satin finish,pink nouveau can be drying out at times but I don't mind. I just apply lip balm to soften my lips that can go with the color
right to left:
craving, pink nouveau

craving  here looks very berry-ish here but when applied on lips it looks so natural :)

on my lips applied with two swipes

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