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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


when I read about say's blog on her lipstick storage last year, I immediately went to office warehouse in sm manila to get one for myself, but sad to say it was out of stock. Blessing in disguise when my recent trip to marbel(my dad works there) last month I saw this at my papa's office!! I was like??!! stunned and immediately asked my papa dear if I can have  it and then without hesitations he said yes!!
I personally don't like the color so I covered it.. DIY this time..

 someone's trying to disturb me este helping me! i can finish this in 3o minutes but with my little boy around an hour and 30 minutes will do it. he keeps on asking" mama tapos ka  na? cut din ako pepersh!! hehe

this one is big.. a regular mug can be placed here..

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