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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

honey what's that??

This haul was two weeks ago,as in late upload to and expect more to come. We went to adidas and lucky us! it was on sale. I wasn't really expecting to buy anything from this store, I was there because of my husband though. After almost an hour waiting for HIM to finish, we leave the store and ate lunch. While busy eating my meal he handed me a box, in which I was really surprise... it was a gold flat shoes(which I SUPER LOVE by the way!!). I didn't notice kaya pala ang tagal nya because he was too busy looking for something to buy for me... sweet!!

hubby's shoes, with whopping size 11!!

my gold shoes....

too comfy to wear... love love!

and yah paningit na naman,pampabeauty ng lola mo,me paborito mascara from maybelline

I choose this shirt for him

till next haul..

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