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Saturday, December 18, 2010

i want clogs!

We went to SM Mall of Asia a while ago and saw fabulous clogs from CMG,too bad it wasn't on sale. The price tag is kinda pricey for I think almost 3000 php(pricey for me kasi were on a tight budget).Since the come back of clogs I've been wanting to have one.I told my husband to buy me one next week but he insisted on to look for other brands, who knows daw baka my maganda at MAS mura. So yes na lang dear, lucky me when we drop by at WADE I looked for clogs and YES they have one, its tag is way more cheaper for 999php.But wait I didn't buy yet,it's not on the budget this month to buy shoes again. So yes I CAN WAIT!! BE WTH ME CLOGS!!
Stupid me I didn't snap photos, I was too busy with the shoes.. hehe

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  1. SM department store's brand parisian jr. have clogs. i got myself a pair from them. and the price is definitely less than P1000. :)