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Friday, October 14, 2011

dear UBE LOVE red

I was out out today and  went to salon to cut my hair before coloring my it.I met up also with a friend and we both end up with the same hairstyle..... layered!! so basic!walang kaartehan since hindi ko naman napapakita hair ko.. 
 what the heck is wrong with my camera?????!!!! oh well need to save up for a new one!
 one of the comfiest wedge I have! love this pants from terranova..very comfy! terranova's one of my fave shop since it carries my size.. fyi I find it hard to buy pants because of my big butt! hehe
top- thrifted
wedge-shelves and hanger
textured pashmina- gifted
sunnies- fish
bag- borrowed from mom

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  1. I love your purple trousers! :)