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Sunday, October 9, 2011


I was going through with my old stuffs and found this broken candle holder.. looking at it I know that it can still be useful.,since I have no place for my earrings I used it na!
ganda diba??a cheaper way and convenient of storing earrings without spending too much..

unexpectedly a wine glass could also be a great alternative for storing earrings...kaloka!! for so many years ngayon ko lang naisip ano silbi ng mga wine glass namin dito! for your eyes only coz we never used it for drinking wine or alcohol, coke at juice lang! I also placed inside some of my broken trinkets para di boring tingnan ang loob.

I'm so proud of myself!! :)

finally bought this to color my hair.. we'll post as soon as natry ko na! I'm crossing my fingers if the color suits me.. 
have a lazysunday everyone!!:)


  1. Nice jewellery collection!!! I love the earrings more :D

    Kisses, Marilena from Greece!

  2. super nice idea to re-use the candle holder,=)

  3. I agree with ann. and also, Thank you for stopping by my blog, I really appreciate it babe :)

  4. that's a good idea to organize your earrings!
    i'm your new follower now, hope you'll follow me back :D

  5. ann: kaya nga wala pang gastos
    maria: welcome!:)
    thehiddenfairy: thanx.. followed you too

  6. what a great idea to use a candle holder and wine glass for your earrings :) thanks for the sharing