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Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Zalora Wishlist

As a mom like me online shopping has been such a relief for me.. unlike before my life after giving birth to two boys,was so entirely different! there are things I cannot do impromptu, like if if I feel like going out to window shop or just eat out. As much as possible I have to plan the days ahead of me, Not to mention I travel a lot from Metro Manila to Mindanao, yes its really magastos and stressful too.Whenever I am in Mindanao this is the time when I shop a LOOOOT, ONLINE SHOPPING THAT IS, well fyi the city where my family lives is  small and the mall is quite not updated (sorry Gaisano mall :( )

When I found out the newest online shopping haven ZALORA, I WAS LIKE WOOOOW!!! its like a all in one online mall, they cater all the possible things that i like (kulang na lang makeup ) haha, from clothes, shoes, home decors, kids clothing and etc... its almost complete i tell you! yes I created my very own  wishlist,ok ok I'm self less today, since we're building our little home now i want something that I can put it there maybe a decorations and all that stuffs needed to beautify our munting bahay.

first is:
Carpet from carpetworld- I love the victorian inspired theme of this carpet and the color is so basic and it would look good on the furniture that I am planning to buy.

second is:
The 55 FOTOFALLS FLOOR by Umbra- this is LOOVVE at first sight, I saw this at some interior magazine and was like I HAVE TO GET THIS!  i would definitely put this on our living room, and of course hang pictures!! hayyyyy I want this talaga!!
third is:
Rayban Classic Aviator- c'mon who doesn't want  this???? ok I cheated I want this for my self!! sigh.. its really pretty!!

fourth is:
Gola Sneakers for my hubby- this reminds me of my hubby's favorite Adidas sneakers, he's been wearing it all year round, and it's almost worn out and sooo dirrty! honey i know you will love this!

 and the  last one is:

 Munckin Play n Pat Water mat- this one is for my two liitle boys,both of them loves to play "sapak sakan" like whatever things or toys they can have they like throw them around or punch(( agghhh thats boys), they will both enjoy this for sure

if you haven't visited this site click down below
 and I know you'll definitely found something that you like
happy shopping!!

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