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Saturday, May 26, 2012

what's in my make up bag

Here's an updated post on my What's in my makeup kit, my last post was I think my first ever post when I started blogging. 
So yeah finally a post on what's inside my make up make up bag is new, my mom got this from her friend, she got this as pasalubong from hongkong. This was actually a set from a bag which has  four small handy bags and I got this coz it's so perfect to fit in my  make up essentials and sturdy enough to carry all of these. What I like about this is also the print, looks like LeSportsac ey?? but it's not, not even the fake one. It's brandless I guess.. and yeah about the print, dirt won't be obvious if I get this thing dirty.

my make up bag!
the tools..

Let's start off with the face products
Nars blush in Orgasm- my favorite blush aside from the Estee Lauder one
Lab works oil blotting sheets- my oily face's BFF
Mac studio fix powder plus foundation in NC25-  my favorite aside from the duped one Fanny Serrano two way cake, as you can see the label has faded already, I have this since last October pa, inuubos ko lang to and up til now I havent finished this because  I was using my FS that I got last february. I wasnt able to finish the FS, I stopped using it because it fell on the floor and warak ang beauty nya, I just gave it to my sister since i dont like using them na, its so messy!
Estee Lauder aeromatte powder- I got this from my mom, shes not using this so matulungin akong anak so I'll help her hit the pan :) lol

Etude house eyelash curler- I have been using this for a year na, so far the only e/l curler I've been using religiously 
Maybelline falsies mascara
Nichido eyebrow pencil in brown
Milano Liquif'eye metallic pencil in black- I just got this recently and I'm inlove with this!
pins- pantusok sa mata ko!! lol kidding.. I use this for my hijab :)

medicines for that biglaang sakit ng ulo
hand sanitizer
elf. estee lauder and marionnaud brush

lip products
I tend to carry more than one lipstick..
 wala lang I just love bringing a lot of lip products!
EOS lip balm
Mac pink nouveau and Lustering
Ever bilena matte lipstick in skin-I use this as a lip concealer (see malapit na maubos) 
Milani creme brulip- LOVE THIS TOO!

the reason my husband complains whenever he carries my bag, he keeps on asking why on earth my bag is so damn heavy... blame it on my make up bag *evil laugh* lol

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