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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


When it comes to foundation I choose carefully on what to buy, mainly because of my oily skin. Its really in the pain in the ass whenever I bought foundi that makes my skin more oily, I end up wasting money, I cannot give it either to my sister because they both have dry skin and of course they won't use this.What caught my attention in buying this because of the huge STAY MATTE written over the packaging,after reading positive and nega reviews I gave it a try, for drugstore brand its a bit cheaper too.

I got the shade 103 Ivory, I got the lighter shade but this doesn't bother me that much because the coverage is sheer, i have to squeeze in another round of foundation to cover my entire face.
Don't expect too much from this foundi, if you have dark spots, acne scars like me, I still rely on my trusty concealer.

it says fragrance free but I swear It has a certain smell that I cannot explain(smells like medicine to me), was it just me? or what??!! please do comment below if you tried this product..

info below

swatch on my hand
when blended
tadahhh, its so sheer
 my bare skin.. this was not edited at all.Taken with natural light. See all my flaws, big pores and yah oily skin.
 moi wearing the stay matte

This product is pretty decent enough, but i won't repurchase again. I'm still on constant research on foundi that won't oil that much. It doesn't lived up to it's promise, after 2 to 3 hours my face was crazy oily.. I need to blot blot and blot. 

what I like
light to medium coverage, almost sheer I guess which is good for everyday use
I got this for 450php which is fairly inexpensive

what I don't like
I find the product too watery or shall i say oily... i thought this was oil free?
not a fan of its smell, but fades after awhile though. Still I don't like it
I got bumps at the end of the day, so does that mean my skin hates this? aww crap, I'm not sure but I'll give this a chance.
doesn't keep me matte
I find it cakey
not available locally available

Would I recommend this product?
In all fairness yah.. if this thing didn't work for me it doesn't mean it won't work on you either ok?

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