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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

LIPSTICK OF THE WEEK- Estee Lauder pure color in NECTARINE

hello beautiful people!! good vibes good vibes.. starting this week I'll be featuring my very first lipstick of the week( so that I  can force myself to at least blog each week) I CANNOT BLOG EVERY DAY OR EVEN TWICE/THRICE A WEEK!! I just cannot do that..
If I can't make it to post weekly probably three times a month is fine.. ok i cheated i cannot even blog weekly!

why lipstick????? simply because I love lipstick.. besides my blog is entitled as lipstick and hijab! hahaha
really..if only I could pick one cosmetic that I cannot live without, its LIPSTICK!
I warned you though I don't have that MANY LIPSTICKS AS YOU CAN SEE ON SOME YOUTUBE gurus ok? 

The shade is warm orange-red side which I think complements well those who has fair skin, which is so not me!

I love the packaging!

swatch on my hand
when i saw the picture I was shocked to see gold pigments, it doesn't bother me though, I kinda like it!
 I didn't apply lip balm prior to application, but still my lips remains moisturized and well hydrated, thanks to its ingredient shea butter it may not be best when it comes to moisturizing but still glides on smoothly on the lips.Staying power is average, it fades a little after I ate lunch, still it leaves a a hint of color but not totally gone

sorry for the picture, I wasn't wearing any makeup at all when I took this photo and di ko feel ipakita ang feesshh ko,actually my nose was like soo big in this photo and no way I would show it to the world hahaha!

till next post!!

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  1. Hi Mera!
    Thanks for dropping by on my blog :)
    Yes 101% Maranao
    Bakit? Bice to know my Maranao dn tulad mo na blogger.