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Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Another EOTD post which I wore yesterday.. I was inspired to recreate this look while watching those Korean beauty gurus on YouTube on how to apply smokey on single lids/monolid.. This technique looks good on Asian women who has monolid.. The great thing here is that you don't need that much color on the eyes,black kohl pencil and black eyeshadow (preferably matte) and you're good to go create that not so overpowering smokey eye . Be sure to apply a good eye primer so you won't end up smudging your black eyeshadow.

My eyebrows look weird here! I prefer not to wear mascara and just curl lashes.But i suggest you wear one,I just don't feel like wearing one yesterday.
After applying shadow,be sure to apply concealer below the eyes to clean the edges,same goes with the eyebrow.

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  1. love the smokey eye. i have to try this. kaso, i dont really like super dark colours.