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Friday, May 6, 2011

missing missy bon bon..

I was browsing  my digicam and found pictures during one of trips to CDO and forgot to post this.
Its lunchtime but were still full, because of the weather we then decided to grab some ice cream... gelato that is and soo off to missy bon bon CDO.

 as the cagayanon's says: LAMI GYUD (DELICIOUS!!!)

 freshly squeezed lemonade!
 egg sandwich
 and the ambiance?? ahhh very nice.. 
we ordered 2 variants

I just love the interior of their cr..

I'm planning to get MAC's pink nouveau.. 


  1. This is so yummy! Are u from cagayan? I lived and study there for a while!i went to sacred heart beside gaisano.i also studied nursery in xavier!haha i miss cdo!followed you back.

  2. I'm from Iligan city pero we often visit cdo coz we have a house there, and not to mention daghan malaagan cdo compare to iligan city(bisaya haha). I never fail to visit cdo everytime I get a chance to go home.. now im married dito na kmi ngstay manila.. thanks for visiting my blog sis!!

    happy moms day :) :)

  3. Thank you Happy mother's day! By the way, buy the nouveau! you wont regret it!haha