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Monday, May 2, 2011

beauty basket: Elianto frosted liquid eyeliner in DEEP BROWN

So yes I'm writing a review case yah don't know I'm supposed to write this months ago but was too lazy to do so.. finally here I am writing this on hot summer night without my air conditioner  on.
I've been using this product quite long time now and I must say I LOVE this product. I got this product  on sale for 150 pesos (original price is roughly 300plus, i think). I remember the first I tried it, I keep using this for 2 straight months.
ok ok let's go straight to my verdict.

what I like:
stays on whole day( take note that I have super oily lids)
doesn't smudge or smear
its waterproof baby ( good to use during summer when you're out swimming)
creates a frosted matte finish
good price for good quality product
the brush/wand applicator is good

what I don't like:
 none I guess, but I warn you have to use tough make/eye remover that is oil based since the product itself is so hard to remove with water alone

 applied 2 coats at the back of my hand
 dried about 2 minutes or so
 smudge 4 times
 dip it on water
 and then smudge it twice
after  6 hours.. look ma!!! 

Go check out ELIANTO for more info

This will be the one product that I'll be using for a long time.. I'll be definitely buying another one but in other shade.
one of the good buys THAT I HAVE :)
how  about you?? what's your most raved/favorite liquid liner?


  1. It's sad that elianto suddenly disappeared from all the malls I go to. :( do you still have an elianto store near you?

  2. really?? wala na?? I didn't know that.. I got mine last year in gaisano mall in our province. pero I always check out elianto stuffs in sm cubao