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Saturday, January 7, 2012

tuna in basil and EVOO

Impromptu recipe for breakfast.. a plain tuna gets boring sometimes so I added basil and saute it with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.. the tuna I used was canned and doesn't have any oil at all, that's
why I wasn't guilty enough to saute it with lots of oil.The subtle peppery flavour of basil  evolves
 into a slightly sweet flavour and also has a delicate menthol aroma as well that adds flavor and 

kick to an old boring plain tuna. This is best eaten with toasted wheat bread and topped with 

melted cheese and voila!! busog!! 


 tuna in can

basil leaves


minced garlic 

red bell pepper

Extra virgin olive oil

in a hot wok add EVVO garlic,tomatoes, red bell pepper,and basil.. saute then add tuna until the

 juice of the tuna 

evaporates and add salt and pepper according to your taste.. serve and enjoy!!

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