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Monday, January 16, 2012

us at four..

We celebrated new year and our anniversary in Iligan city and Cagayan de oro,  We took advantage of my husbands two weeks break.Stayed at Southwinds Hotel just right in the heart of cdo, this is rare moment for us couple to spend some time with each other. I haven't mentioned this on my blog, but my life is like a NPA- no permanent address, one day you'll find me in Manila and the next day in Iligan city.
Yes I traveled a lot between this two places.. the reason why?? because my parents wants us to stay but due to my husband's work we have stay to stay in Manila, so I made an agreement with my other half that I would travel na lng often so that my parents wouldn't miss my two kids. Nakokonsensya ako when my mom makes drama telling me that always sya nahihighblood pg namimiss nya ang dalawang apo nya! and that our house is so malungot without the two apos..ok enough of the maalaala moments here are the photos that I got during our stay, not too marami though, Honestly speaking I was too tamad to take photos during that time.

Southwinds Hotel 
 our dinner.. we're supposed to eat out but my husband was too tired to drive along the city so we just ordered food from the hotel's resto and agreed to eat out lunch the next day(no photo though)
I actually like the food!! We only ordered 2 variants since we are a bit full eating out while strolling at the mall
 this is complementary breakfast for two, your choice of American breakfast or Filipino.. obviously we ordered the two

Us holding hands!!! love love love..
 our love for each other is the key to our marriage, we will keep what we have promised to each other til eternity.. I love you hon!!
and the kid back there?? ayan nagwawala hehe

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